Graduate Students

Dr. Riggins will be accepting applications for new graduate students to begin study in Fall 2016. We receive funding from NIH for the research project: examining development of memory networks. Thus the student(s) would be highly involved in this study. We are looking for someone who is interested in basic memory development with strong technical and interpersonal skills. Previous experience in memory development research or fMRI is preferred. Direct questions to: Dr. Tracy Riggins

We currently have openings for graduate students through two programs at the University of Maryland. (Please note: application requirements and deadlines differ between programs - so please check the information carefully.)

  1. Department of Psychology Graduate Program

            Either through the Developmental or Cognitive and Neural Systems Specialty Areas
  2. Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program for Graduate Studies

Still can’t decide what graduate program to apply to? Click here for some thoughts from Dr. Riggins...