The Neurocognitive Development Lab offers opportunities to learn about and gain hands-on research experience in neurocognitive development.

Undergraduate Students

There are several ways in which undergraduates can be a part of our research laboratory. Students can register for course credit via Psyc 479 (Research in Psychology) or join us as volunteers.

Students in Psyc 479 will gain an introduction to laboratory techniques and research methodology, and will assist in running research projects. In addition to the research component, students will engage in a critical reading and discussion of relevant topics and will submit a paper at the end of the semester. Students are required to sign a contract at the beginning of the semester, and must submit this to the advising office. More information on Psyc 479 can be obtained from the Research Assistantships page.

In general, all students in the lab participate in hands-on research activities, attend weekly lab meetings, read journal articles, and participate in discussions. Responsibilities include participant recruitment, data entry and analysis, and assisting with behavioral, EEG, MRI, and PSG data collection.

We ask for a commitment of 2 semesters, working a minimum of 6 hours a week during Fall and Spring, with 9 hours preferred. We typically accept students 3 times a year: prior to the Fall semester, prior to the Spring semester, and prior to Summer Break.

If you are interested in joining our lab either as a student in Psyc 479 or as a volunteer, please contact us at and include your resume/CV and an application.


  1. Minimum 3.3 GPA

  2. Strong communication and organizational skills

  3. Experience working with children

  4. Interest in developmental neuroscience

  5. 6+ hours/week for 2+ semesters